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The Landlord Engagement Services Project is funded by the Snohomish County Human Services Department and works in collaboration with other agencies such as Housing Hope, Cocoon House, Volunteers of America and more, to assist those who are experiencing homelessness, find temporary and permanent housing.

Our Focus is to:

  • Conduct landlord outreach to provide information and education on housing programs
  • Engage with landlords in the community to find available units for low-income tenants and those experiencing homelessness
  • Assist Permanent Supportive Housing & Rapid Rehousing case managers with hard-to-place households
  • Aid in the successful placement and retention of individuals and families and ensuing they understand their lease agreement and the move-in process

Benefits for the landlord:

  • Assistance with finding a tenant
  • Guaranteed rent payments
  • Ability to provide an increased deposit of up to 2x the amount of rent if needed
  • Supporting the tenants through case management
  • Informed and educated tenants through training and education classes
  • Access to landlord-tenant mediation

Benefits for the tenant:

  • Gives the tenant an opportunity to succeed
  • Provides them access to housing
  • Basic needs are met
  • Supportive services through case management
  • Aids in building positive a rental history

Benefits for the community:

  • Landlord-Tenant-Agency collaborations
  • Decreased use of city and county services
  • Effective means to meet the needs of underserved individuals and families
  • Making our community a better place
  • Inclusive communities
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Program History

The YWCA and Snohomish County Human Services Department have recognized the pivotal role landlords play in our community by offering stable housing for many individuals and families. They also recognized that in order to create a stronger and healthier Snohomish County, there must be lasting partnerships among landlords and case managers who assist tenants who may be low-income or experiencing homelessness.

In April 2019, Landlord Engagement Services brought together landlords and community agency partners to create the Rental Providers and Community Agencies Committee. This committee was established with the goal of fortifying relationships between landlords, tenants, and case managers, while also addressing any landlord-tenant issues or challenges as well. The committee’s mission is to also devise strategies for landlord outreach, recruitment, and engagement, while also working to provide education, classes, and resources to both landlords and tenants and encouraging them to help end the housing crisis in our community.

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